Let South Shore Probate customize a plan that works for you. Some of our services can even be tied in the closing of a estate home thereby reducing or eliminating your out-of-pockets costs.

Services We Offer

Dealing with a property

Contact us for details on our 7 different ways to take care of an estate property.

Health Support

Your health is of the upmost importance.  Let us help you find the assistance you need.

Sell it off

Settle the estate by selling off those things that are valuable.  We can also arrange to donate, recycle, and trash any other items left behind.


Let us connect you with our network of professionals so that we can get you back to your life.

Clean-out to closing

Settling an estate is a lot of stress and also a lot of hard work.  We have systems in place to make life easier and will get the job done for you.

Survivor Services

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but what happens after the dust settles?  Let us set you up with some services to relieve the stress and confusion that usually follows a life-changing event.


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