Dealing with a probate can be overwhelming

You don't have to do it alone.  We can help.

Hi, I'm Poe George,
a probate specialist and licensed Realtor

Those are my titles but what I really am is a problem solver.  I make a living out of helping people like you during a stressful time. I was in your shoes once and decided that helping people was my way of coping with loss.

What Can We Do For You?

Here are some of the services provided

in Plymouth and Bristol counties

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Dealing with a property

By partnering with eXp Realty, South Shore Probate has 7 different ways to take care of a home in probate.  Maybe you need a quick cash sale or maybe you would rather sell for the most money you can get.  We have clients that choose to rent it out and we have others that just want to secure it and winterize it.  We can do it all.

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Health Support

If you have a surviving spouse that

needs to talk to someone or has a

medical issue that needs attention, we have a network of medical and

mental health professionals that can help.

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Sell it off

We have specialists available to sell cars, motorcycles, or a stamp, coin, gun or other valuable collections.  We can connect you to an appraisor for other high-valued items too. 

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We have a vast network of professionals ready to assist you.  If we don't already have someone available, we will research and find someone.  We only deal with top-notch vendors.

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Cleanout to closing

We have systems in place to take care of all of your estate homes needs.  From clean-outs to furniture moving, carpet cleaning to renovations, we have contacts for all sorts of contractors.

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Survivor Services

We can find you assistance as you transition to a different lifestyle.  From grocery-delivery services, to prepared food plans to maid services, we have connections to take care of you.

Trusted by families all over the

south shore of Massachusetts


Poe R. George, Realtor

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Let's get you the help you deserve.

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Super Helpful

You helped me out of a big headache and I will always be grateful for your services.

Jen C.

Middleboro, MA

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Flexible and Committed

The fact that your company didn't collect money until we closed on our father's estate really helped us out a lot.  Thank you!

Carolyn B.

Abington, MA

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Creative & Resourceful

South Shore Probate helped us out tremendously.  We live in North Carolina and didn't have the resources to come to Massachusetts to clean up and sell our Grandfather's house.

Karen L.

Rocky Mount, NC